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World Skater Rankings: July 31, 2017

A skater or team's ranking is determined by the number of points accumulated during the current season and the two previous seasons.

The system is weighted so that recent finishes count more than older ones. Skaters receive 100 percent credit from results from the current season; point totals from the previous season are factored by .7, and results from two seasons ago are multiplied by .3. The rankings work on an approximate rolling, 104-week calendar. "Approximate" means that competitions in the 2017-18 season will be matched up with corresponding competitions in the 2015-16 season to determine when the points from the latter will be eliminated from all skaters' records.

For example, once the first Junior Grand Prix event is competed in 2017, for those skaters who have the first JGP event of 2015 on their records, the points for that event will be eliminated, regardless of whether that skater has competed in the current season.

The eligible competitions for which the skater/team earned the 10 highest point totals in the approximate 104-week time period will count toward that skater/team's total score. Any competition that appears on the ISU calendar is an eligible competition. National championships and national junior championships are eligible competitions as well. However, if a skater competes at his or her junior and senior national championships in the same season, the senior-level result will take precedence over the junior-level result, regardless of which point total is greater. The same goes for the world championships and the world junior championships; if a skater competes at both in the same season, the point total from the former will take precedence over the latter, regardless of which one is greater.

To be included in the icenetwork World Figure Skater Rankings, skaters must be active and have maintained their ISU eligibility. Retired skaters or skaters who are not eligible to compete in ISU competitions may not appear in the rankings.

Scoring Breakdown