Wang banks on making breakthrough in Boston

Colorado Springs skater focuses on consistency, components

Angela Wang says she has a lot to prove at this year's U.S. championships.
Angela Wang says she has a lot to prove at this year's U.S. championships. (Daphne Backman)


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By Vladislav Luchianov, special to
(07/18/2013) - Despite her young age, 16-year-old Angela Wang has already made a name for herself, not only in her native United States but also around the world. Indeed, it's hard not to notice this technically and artistically strong lady who has a style all her own.

In each of the last two years, Wang has been in the top 10 at the U.S. championships, finishing eighth in 2012 and ninth last season.

Last season, the American enhanced her international record by taking the gold at Junior Grand Prix (JGP) Croatia, bronze at JGP Lake Placid and placing fourth at the JGP Final in Sochi, Russia. spoke with Wang about her past successes, her stability at the national level and her main goals for the upcoming season. Last season was a good one for you. You showed good results at both national and international competitions. How do you think it went for you?

Wang: I thought last season went pretty well. It was imperative toward helping me become a better athlete and competitor. I had the most success I've ever had on the international circuit and gained a lot of much-needed experience going into this upcoming season. I definitely became more in tune with who I am. How's your summer preparation going?

Wang: Summer preparation has been going well. Since I'm out of school for these few months (Wang will be a senior at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Colo.), I've been able to add more training but also been able to make sure to get enough rest along with it. What improvements have you worked on during this offseason?

Wang: I've been working on my consistency as well as improving my components. I'm excited about my programs this year and can't wait to see how much I can develop them throughout this season. Your new short program is "A Beautiful Storm" by Jennifer Thomas. What about your free skate?

Wang: I'm skating to Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel de Falla. You've taken part in two U.S. championships as a senior and reached the top 10 in both. What do you think about your performances at those events?

Wang: Placing in the top 10 my first couple of years at the U.S. championships is a big accomplishment for me, but I know I haven't been performing up to par at the event, especially in the short program. I hope to improve on my performances this year at all my events. What are your goals for the 2014 U.S. Championships, where the U.S. team for the Sochi Olympics will be selected?

Wang: My goal this year for the U.S. championships is to put out two strong programs and to improve on my previous results. This goal means a lot to me, as I haven't been able to do that in the past. How do you get ready for big events?

Wang: I try to stay as loose and relaxed as possible at big events, or any event in general. I can count on my coaches and friends to make sure that happens. In addition to the technical side of your skating, the artistic part of your programs is quite strong. Could you tell us more about this and what it means to you?

Wang: Thank you! I've been working extremely hard with my choreographers, Tom Dickson and Catarina Lindgren, and coaches to bring out some personality in my skating. Our main goal is to capture an audience through my skating skills and the program as a whole -- not just the jumps alone. What are your expectations and plans for the upcoming season?

Wang: This probably sounds cliché, but I just want to continue enjoying skating and working hard throughout the season.