Motherhood, mentoring fashions Ruh's universe

Twins come first amid hectic schedule for former Swiss champion

Spinning legend Lucinda Ruh with twin daughters Angelina and Angelica.
Spinning legend Lucinda Ruh with twin daughters Angelina and Angelica. (courtesy of Lucinda Ruh)


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By Lois Elfman, special to
(07/11/2013) - Before leaving on a recent trip to Paris to work with members of the French national team, Lucinda Ruh was experiencing some serious mommy guilt.

"I was crying when I left for Paris. It was the first time I left them," said Ruh, speaking about her 13-month-old twins, Angelica and Angelina.

The former Swiss champion and world competitor is internationally renowned for her spinning prowess, including being in the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving the longest spin on ice. Clocked at six revolutions per second, Ruh's spins are not only fast; they're complex works of art. She is often called upon to provide insight to elite skaters on improving their spinning technique.

During her recent week in Paris, she worked with Maé Bérénice Méité, Brian Joubert, Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès and other high-level French skaters.

"Their level is so incredibly high," Ruh said. "It's wonderful to be back into that circle like I used to be when I was competing. That's what I was always around."

Throughout her competitive and professional career, Ruh was known for her exquisite spinning. She loves to impart her knowledge of spinning, but she's well aware that many skaters aren't inclined to devote the time and energy she did.

"For them to actually put real attention to it and work on it takes a little bit more effort on my part as well to kind of motivate them that the spins are a wonderful thing to do," she said. "You have to have a passion for it."

Ruh has imparted her love of spinning and all parts of skating to a few students. She's still at rinks near her home in the early morning hours to coach but likes to be home by the time her daughters wake up.

"They're so close and they're adorable," said Ruh, who turns 34 on Saturday.

She and husband Antonio DeRosa love to watch the girls interact and entertain each other. Glamorous like their mother, the twins have an agent and have already booked a Macy's commercial.

Angelica and Angelina are also growing up exposed to all the languages their mother speaks: English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. They've already been on the ice and seemed to enjoy it.

Ruh expects to be doing more spinning seminars in the months ahead. She also loves doing choreography, but in moderation.

"You can never go back to them being this little," Ruh said. "This time is very special."

Ruh continues to promote her autobiography, Frozen Teardrop, and contemplate future projects in and out of skating.

"When I was in Paris, I bought the girls scarves, so I dressed them up really French one day," she said. "I love fashion."

There were fashion shows going on at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy while she was coaching at the rink in the building. Ruh was occupied on the ice, but she was intrigued by the people she saw arriving.

"Fashion is one of my passions," said Ruh, who designed most of her skating costumes and consults on costumes for her students. "I would love to have a fashion line one day."