Mattis inspired by 'Skate for Hope' enthusiasm

Superstar cast prepares for 10th anniversary edition on June 15 in Columbus, Ohio

The members of the <i>Skate for Hope</i> cast from 2012 embrace their sillier sides.
The members of the Skate for Hope cast from 2012 embrace their sillier sides. (courtesy of Leah Adams)


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By Doug Mattis, special to
(06/06/2013) - It's just days until the 10th anniversary of Skate For Hope in Columbus, Ohio, on June 15, and I'm starting to realize how fun and important this show that benefits breast cancer research really is.

Everywhere I traveled this year, people asked me if I was going back again to do behind-the-scenes interviews. They asked me about this year's stars (Max Aaron, Jeremy Abbott, Ashley Wagner, Ohio native Christina Gao and more), and they told me how much the show means to them. So many of us have been touched by cancer and breast cancer in some way, and I saw this year how this show brings our skating community together in support -- through entertaining for this cause and with lots of love and laughter, on the ice and backstage.

This year will be better than ever! I'll be doing my best to capture the laughs and fun stuff backstage with Adam Rippon, Emily Hughes, Rachael Flatt and all of the stars of our skating family that have selflessly given of their time to be at Skate For Hope. And next year, there will be twice the inspiration, as Skate For Hope will have a show in both Ohio and Florida.

I hope everyone comes and joins us, or donates to the cause through the website. And I'll see you on with great backstage footage! Go to for more info.