ITNY's Celeb Skate 2013: 'A Toast to the Movies'

Young, Morehouse and Buckley will battle it out in front of distinguished judges

(L-R) Jonathon Hunt, actress Sean Young and artistic director of ITNY, Douglas Webster.
(L-R) Jonathon Hunt, actress Sean Young and artistic director of ITNY, Douglas Webster. (courtesy of Douglas Webster)


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By Brent Bommentre, special to
(06/03/2013) - Spring is in the air!

With worlds behind us and the competitive season over, skating is ready to turn over a new leaf. Ice Theatre of New York's (ITNY) Celebrity Skate is leading the charge with their refreshing and innovative fundraiser on June 9 at 4:00 p.m. in New York City at Chelsea Piers.

Just for the occasion, ITNY's artistic director, Douglas Webster, will be introducing a new ensemble piece entitled Oceans. Created as a repertory piece for ITNY's education and outreach program, Oceans is a fairy tale designed to inspire the imagination of children. And if you haven't already bought your ticket just to see that, the main event -- THE CELEBRITY SKATE OFF! -- is worth the trip to New York City. This year, three celebrities will be paired with ITNY performers to square off in a movie-themed, winner-takes-all, no-holds-barred, tag-team cage match! Just kidding ... Chelsea Piers wouldn't allow that, so instead, each couple is preparing a never seen before figure skating routine to be judged by our all-star panel. But seriously, everything will be movie themed!

Only one team will raise the trophy, so let's meet our contestants.

Sean Young is no stranger to the spotlight. Up until now, Sean has been best known for her leading roles in Blade Runner and No Way Out. Performing with her new "best man," ITNY's incredible and always tall Jonathon Hunt, Sean is sure to impress the audience.

She first caught the skating bug after appearing on ABC's Skating with the Stars in 2010 and is looking forward to skating with ITNY. When asked about lacing up her skates again, Sean said, "Ice Theatre is a remarkable way to witness beauty in action, and I am so proud to be a part of this evening!"

Ice Theatre will also be presenting a series of skating pieces performed to the soundtrack from Blade Runner. And if that wasn't exciting enough, each section of the score will be introduced by the film's very own, Sean Young!

Tim Morehouse is an Olympic silver medalist, philanthropist and teacher. During training for his saber events in the 2008 and 2012 games, Tim taught seventh grade. Tim will definitely have an edge on his competitors when it comes to handling nerves pre-skate. But, the ice is colder and less forgiving than the fancy white stripes Tim is used to sparring on.

Luckily, he'll have ITNY's beautiful and talented Elisa Angeli to help guide his way through his first ever ice skating routine. Part of the money raised will go toward continuing and enhancing ITNY's community outreach and education programs. Tim has founded his own outreach program, "Fencing in the Schools," which empowers youth to achieve excellence through the sport of fencing. ITNY and Tim's programs do so much for NYC's inner city school kids. Kudos to them!

Michael Buckley. His name says it all. If you're online reading this, then you're familiar with the Internet, and if you're familiar with the Internet, then you've come across and probably seen Michael Buckley. The self-made vlogger (video-blogger -- I had to look that term up myself), grew up in Connecticut and worked in a group home for children with developmental disabilities before his sensational vlog What the Buck! turned him into a star. Michael will be in good hands with seven-time British champion and ITNY performer Sinead Kerr. If Sinead can toss John, her brother and ice dancing partner around the ice, just imagine what she can do with Michael! Inside tip ... Sinead says that when Michael falls, he mutters, "Aw buck" or even "You've got to be bucking kidding me" as he's going down. So keep your ears open!

So who will win: the field's leading actress, the athlete or the savvy vlogger? Selecting the winner will be a fantastic judging panel: ITNY's founder/director, Moira North, will be looking for artistry and may or may not give out bonus points for bright red lipstick. Nicole Miller, who knows a thing or two about skating under pressure -- having participated in last year's Celeb Skate -- will be looking for the couple's winning style and choreographer. David Dorfman, whose company, David Dorfman Dance, is one of the country's leading modern dance companies will judge. Lastly, beautiful Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen will complete the panel.

The audience will add its votes to the decision of the expert panel. Once the votes are tallied and the envelope is passed on to our hosts (and maybe special guest performers!), Douglas Webster and Rebecca Budig (star of All My Children and winner of Skating With The Stars), the champion will be chosen and the trophy will be passed on by last year's winner -- Nobel Laureate Robert Engle.

So ... Come on down! Grab some popcorn and let ITNY entertain you! This year's show is sure to outdo the latest movie in the theater ... And, there will be an after party with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails!

See you there!