Five favorite things with Alexander Johnson

Rising star professes love for Minnesota's lakes, balletic British skating champion

There's nowhere Alexander Johnson would rather be than on one of his home state's 10,000 lakes.
There's nowhere Alexander Johnson would rather be than on one of his home state's 10,000 lakes. (Jacque Tiegs)


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By Sarah S. Brannen, special to
(05/29/2013) - After recording finishes of 17th, 16th and 15th at his three previous U.S. championships, Alexander Johnson rocketed up the standings at the 2013 event, where he came in seventh. He followed that up by winning the silver medal at the 2013 Challenge Cup in The Hague, Netherlands.

Johnson is from Minnetonka, Minn., and trains in Colorado Springs, Colo., with Tom Dickson, who is both his coach and choreographer. What's your favorite thing about Minnesota?

Johnson: Hands down, the lakes. I love spending all day out on the lake: swimming, going tubing, eating ice cream. It's just so refreshing. What's the favorite moment of your career so far?

Johnson: I'd have to say my long program at nationals this year. It was one of those moments where everything comes together. You train for it your whole life, and all of a sudden you have this performance, and it feels so right. By the time you're done, you almost forget what happened, it goes by so quickly. It almost feels effortless, even though of course it's not. Who is your favorite skater to watch?

Johnson: I'd have to say John Curry. The way he glides across the ice is so effortless. He makes every move that he does aesthetic. His skating has such high quality. What's your favorite kind of dance?

Johnson: I love lyrical contemporary dance. I feel like it matches my skating style. It's definitely one of the dances I enjoy doing more; it feel so good in your body. You feel like you're living when you're dancing it. If I weren't a skater, I would definitely be a dancer. What's your favorite thing about Tom Dickson?

Johnson: I could go on and on. He's genuinely a really good person. He's so creative, he's so honest, he's so open to trying new things. He has really helped me develop into my own skater and my own person.