Fedorova, Miroshkin lead Russian pairs sweep

Home ice proves kind as host country wins all three medals

Lina Fedorova and Maxim Miroshkin are the first Russian pair to win the title at the Junior Grand Prix Final since 2008.
Lina Fedorova and Maxim Miroshkin are the first Russian pair to win the title at the Junior Grand Prix Final since 2008. (Getty Images)


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By Mickey Brown
(12/08/2012) - The Russian onslaught at the 2012 Junior Grand Prix Final is complete, and it concluded in convincing fashion.

The host country took ownership of the pairs podium in Sochi, with all three medal-winners hailing from Mother Russia. The gold went to Lina Fedorova and Maxim Miroshkin, silver to Vasilisa Davankova and Andrei Deputat and bronze to Maria Vigalova and Egor Zakroev.

Fedorova and Miroshkin's victory gave Russia the title in all four disciplines at the event, after Maxim Kovtun's win in men's, Elena Radionova's triumph in ladies, and Alexnadra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin's gold-medal-winning performance in dance.

Skating a tango, Fedorova and Miroshkin, winners of the silver in Austria and the gold in Germany, executed a clean throw triple loop, two Level 4 spins, two Level 4 lifts and a Level 3 triple twist.

Their segment score of 106.74 gave them 161.11 for the competition and a five-point victory.

"We are very happy that we won this competition. It was not an easy victory, as the strongest competitors from the [Junior] Grand Prix came together here. We had to surpass ourselves and skate better than at the Grand Prix," Fedorova said. "We worked really hard and wanted to skate well. We came here most of all to skate well for ourselves, not thinking of the placement.

"We were a little bit nervous, but not too much," Fedorova continued. "All three of us (Fedorova, Miroshkin and coach Vladislav Zhovnirski) calm each other down and prepare for a good performance, and it worked out."

Davankova and Deputat, the reigning world junior bronze medalists, performed to the soundtrack of Once Upon a Time in Mexico for their free skate, which included a triple toe-double toe combination and two clean triple throws.

With a segment total of 104.62, the silver medalists ended up with 155.96 points.

"Of course, we are glad! Such a big score! It's our record," Deputat said. "Certainly, we were nervous. The performances of our competitors were so clean. Before, we got a technical score of 46 points, and now there are more than 50. So, that was the best performance of the season."

Vigalova and Zakroev achieved the highest technical score of the competition (53.22), one that was boosted by a pair of double Axels done in sequence, two big throw triples and Level 3 triple twist.

Their "Symphony on a Battle Lost" program netted them 102.80 points, giving them 153.56 overall.

"Taking both our performances together, I think we did well. Improving our personal best is great," Zarkoev said. "We would like to thank the fans. They supported us a lot. They made it very easy for us to skate."

Canada's Margaret Purdy and Michael Marinaro were second after the short but fell to fifth in the free and finished fourth.

Reigning world silver medalists Xiaoyu Yu and Yang Jin of China came in fifth.