Lynn and Logan's blog from Ice Challenge 2.0

For second straight year, reigning U.S. pewter medalists share their adventures in Graz, Austria

A united Team USA stands together before the 2012 Ice Challenge in Graz, Austria.
A united Team USA stands together before the 2012 Ice Challenge in Graz, Austria. (courtesy of Lynn & Logan)


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By Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, special to
(11/07/2012) - U.S. ice dancers and bloggers extraordinaire Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giulietti-Schmitt give readers a behind-the-scenes look from the 2012 Ice Challenge in Graz, Austria.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Unfortunately, our first blog from Ice Challenge in Graz, Austria, will be one-sided because Lynn had a bit of a mishap shortly after arriving. Nothing serious, but here's how the story goes...

A couple of days before we left, she showed me these nice new green suede boots she got specifically for the trip. She was quite attached to them, just as anyone is to a purchase they are extremely satisfied with.

After asking my opinion of them, she proceeded to express that she was worried they would get ruined because of how much it was supposed to rain in Graz. So her solution was to go out and buy some suede protector to keep her boots looking nice and new.

Well, fast forward to shortly after arrival when she found out that the bottle had leaked all over the inside of her bag and most of her clothes were drenched and smelled terrible. (I have to admit to a similar thing happening to me on the way to Champs Camp, but my incident involved juice.) Lynn even tried airing out her clothes last night by keeping a window open to get rid of the smell, to no avail. Today, she managed to find clothes that weren't affected to make it through our two practices, a walk downtown, the draw for our starting order and our team meeting.

As the rest of the team went off to find a place for dinner, she had to find somewhere to do laundry. When I asked her if it could wait until tomorrow she responded by saying, "Well, I don't have any clean underwear so ... no." I couldn't really argue with that because I think that clean underwear is a necessity. Plus, I don't want to pass out while skating with her because she smells like cleaning product. Hopefully, she was able to complete her task and will be smelling like fabric softener in the morning.

We promise to bring you much more exciting blogs later this week. We're planning on revisiting the video blog like we did in Salt Lake City. Graz is extremely beautiful, and we want to give everyone a little taste of what we're experiencing, so what better way to do that than in a video? We may have a couple of guest appearances, too; you never know. Stay tuned, and my better half will be present next time.