Wang and Farris' blog from JGP Lake Placid

Team USA competitors take readers behind the scenes at historic site

Angela Wang and Joshua Farris make their season debuts this week.
Angela Wang and Joshua Farris make their season debuts this week. (courtesy of Angela Wang and Joshua Farris)


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By Angela Wang and Joshua Farris, special to
(08/29/2012) - Angela Wang and Joshua Farris are competing at the Junior Grand Prix Lake Placid. They're keeping a blog for

Saturday, Sept. 1

Go Team USA! Everybody did amazing! Congratulations to all the competitors.

The U.S. won five medals: two golds, two bronzes and a silver. Thank you to everyone for supporting the whole team; it's such an honor to represent the USA.

The men's event was exciting. James [Schetelich] pulled up to 12th overall after a strong long program. It was a great JGP debut for him. Josh skated an amazing long with his first ever quad and won the event.

Some of us went shopping on Saturday around Main Street. I (Josh) got a cool pair of New Balance sneakers. I know I said I didn't bring money, but my dad was kind enough to lend me some. I was able to get shoes that were not on sale for 40 percent off!

Sorry for the sidetrack ... we'll get back to skating. We're so proud of Daniel [Eaton] and Alex [Aldridge] for pulling up in the free dance and taking the gold. They were fantastic! We're also very proud of Max [Settlage] and Maddie [Aaron] for skating a great free skate and medaling at their first JGP.

I (Angela) didn't skate a very great short program, so I had some ground to make up in the long. I will admit that I was extremely nervous for my performance, but I was able to calm myself down after talking to some close friends. My coaches brought fake mustaches for my off-ice warm-up to keep me relaxed. We also played some games after my six-minute warm-up before I skated. In the end, I believe that I achieved my goals and gained much experience. Courtney [Hicks] and Kiri [Baga] both skated great long programs. Kiri ended up fifth, and Courtney took the silver.

After the competition, there was a party, like at every other JGP. However, one thing made this party stand out from the rest: It was in a freaking rink! They took the ice out of the 1932 ice rink, and that's where they held the party. I (Josh) thought that was awesome. It was a luau-themed party, so there was beach volleyball, a mechanical surfboard and a campfire to eat some s'mores. Both of our team leaders tried out the mechanical surfboard; let's just say that it was a little difficult to stay on the board. The only bad thing about the party was it was so late, and the bus ride to Albany was at 5:30 a.m. the next day, so not a whole lot of people showed up. A group of us sat by the lake for a while after we finished packing, then went to bed.

Overall, Team USA had an awesome showing in our home country. We know everyone is excited to get back home to train and continue making this season successful.

Thanks for reading our blog!

Thursday, Aug. 30

Today was the first day of competition. Some of the ladies and pairs had their practices at around the same time this morning, so the team leaders were running back and forth between both rinks. It's a good thing there are two of them; otherwise, it would have been impossible to keep up with all 19 of us.

After practices, many of the skaters came back in the afternoon to support the men for their short program. It was an exciting event to watch. Josh is in first after a clean (with a couple bobbles) program. James had a rough skate, but we know he's going to rock the long tomorrow like AC/DC rocks "Back in Black." ;) James drew fifth, and Josh drew 17th for the free skate, which is Saturday.

Congratulations to all the pairs! We didn't get a chance to watch the event ourselves because it was pretty late, but we did keep up with the live results from our hotel rooms as we got ready for bed. They have a pretty tough field here in Lake Placid. With the Russians (Vasilisa Davankova and Andrei Deputat), who got third at junior worlds, and all the U.S. pairs, it really makes it an exciting event to watch.

We explored a little more of the town today. Angela walked around Mirror Lake, which is right by our hotel. She said it's a beautiful walk. I (Josh) went shopping down Main Street, but I didn't buy anything because I didn't bring money. The hotel we're staying at has a little private beach connected to Mirror Lake. Since I (Josh) am done on Friday, I get to go swimming. Yay!

Friday is a jam-packed day. Short dance will be the first event, followed by the ladies' short and the men's free.

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Wednesday, Aug. 29

"Hi" from Josh and Angela here in Lake Placid! We started the EARLY travel day Tuesday with a 4:00 a.m. wake-up. Angela almost missed her flight, though, because her alarm didn't go off at the right time.

We landed in Albany and met up with some other members of our team, as well as our team leader, and then took a shuttle up to Lake Placid. There was a quick team meeting (although we were missing some skaters because they were still traveling) after we checked into our hotel and registered, and we all went about our business.

Today was a practice day, and everybody's been skating great from what we've heard. It's amazing to be in the town where two Olympics have been held. It's so inspiring how we get to do what we love to do in the same arena where the 1980 U.S. hockey team won and conquered the Russians. Every time I (Josh) look up into the stands, I can't even imagine how full and alive the audience was during that game.

The U.S. team had a viewing of the movie Miracle tonight; if anybody hasn't seen that movie, it's about the 1980 U.S. hockey team. This town and the people living here are so amazing. :)

Everyone had their draw today, and we're all looking forward to supporting all of our teammates during their events.