Five favorite things with Takahashi and Tran

Tran is an avid 'Dexter' fan; Takahashi eats any kind of ice cream she can

Narumi Takahashi of Japan knows partner Mervin Tran's interest in <i>Dexter</i> is perfectly fine.
Narumi Takahashi of Japan knows partner Mervin Tran's interest in Dexter is perfectly fine. (Getty Images)


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(05/21/2012) - Japanese pairs skaters Narumi Takahashi and Mervin Tran put together the best season of their young careers, effectively making the leap from junior to senior in 2011-12. The highlight of their season was capturing bronze at the 2012 World Championships.

Takahashi was born in Japan and spent the bulk of her childhood there, while Tran is a native of Canada. Still, his strong Japanese roots allow them to connect culturally both on and off the ice, and they have each spent time in both countries. What kind of music do you like?

Takahashi: I'm not a huge music fan, so I don't like much. One singer I do like is Adele. This year, I did Stars on Ice and I liked all of the music from the show because I have good memories. I like to download the music that was used in shows to bring back the good memories.

Tran: It's a hard pick. I'm going to say the most played CD in my car is Matchbox 20. I like to belt out to it sometimes when I'm by myself. Or maybe in front of Narumi when she is stuck with me in the car. What's your favorite movie?

Takahashi: I like to watch Japanese movies, even on the airplanes. I speak so much in English, so when I sit and watch a movie, I like to listen to the Japanese.

Tran: I watch a lot of movies. My favorite, off the top of my head, is Thank you for Smoking. It's really funny. What are your favorite books?

Takahashi: I like to read, but I usually read Japanese books. I have to read English books for school, like when I was in high school in Canada.

Tran: I'm a fan of the Dexter series. I hope people don't think bad of me because of that. It's a little dark and morbid, but I'm all over them. I also like the TV show. It's cool because the show goes away from the books after the first season so it's two different storylines. What's your favorite food?

Takahashi: My favorite food is definitely ice cream. Vanilla is my favorite. But I will eat any ice cream I can get.

Tran: I eat a lot, so it's hard to pick just one thing. I like meat, overall, especially red meat. If it's a style of cooking, I prefer Asian and usually something spicy. Where are your favorite places to travel?

Takahashi: I like America, New York. I have been there once. The buildings and Times Square, they are so amazing.

Tran: I like Central America. I like to be on the beach, maybe the Dominican Republic or Cuba. I enjoy getting away from everything, giving my feet a rest and enjoying the sand.