Five favorite things with Jason Brown

Brown goes bonkers about banana bread; 'Glee' is in present, Psych 101 may be in his future

American Jason Brown makes sure to watch a different Disney film before every competition.
American Jason Brown makes sure to watch a different Disney film before every competition. (Getty Images)


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(04/03/2012) - It was breakout international season for Jason Brown, who won gold at the Junior Grand Prix Final and bronze at the 2012 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, where he gained the event's highest program components scores.

The 17-year-old showman with the ponytail seems able to smile through almost anything -- even repeated questions on when he's going to put a triple Axel into his programs.

"It's definitely been a struggle to get this jump, but I absolutely love the skating process. I love the journey," he said.

"I remember watching nationals and Olympics as a kid and how people would want to get autographs from the skaters getting off of the ice. Just to be one of those skaters now is amazing."

Unlike many skaters, Brown studies full-time at a "regular" school in suburban Chicago, Highland Park High, where he is a junior. After his skating career, he contemplates a future in sports psychology.

"I've never taken a psychology class, but I've worked with a sports psychologist," he said. "The person I work with is always so happy, and you feel that she really wants to help you, and I love that. I love working with kids, and I would love to work with them in the future." Any favorite movies?

Brown: I love, love movies. I love Miracle, the [1980 Olympics] hockey movie. It's a very inspiring movie for me. I'm a huge Disney movie fan. Before nationals [in 2011], I rented a Disney movie (Hercules) I wanted to see. I saw it on the way to nationals and I did well, and then I decided to rent another Disney movie for [2011] junior worlds, and now it's kind of a thing. How about TV shows?

Brown: I was a huge fan of Glee, still am. I want it to keep getting better. I love Modern Family, and I started watching New Girl. What's on your iPod?

Brown: I think it's just the top 40 songs. I don't want to be boring or bland, but that's what plays a lot at the rinks. There are definitely times it gets annoying because you hear the same songs at the rink and the same songs on the radio, but that's mainly what I listen to. What kind of foods do you like?

Brown: I'm obsessed with banana bread. I love it. I love bread and pasta in general, and muffins. I make banana bread sometimes, experiment with recipes. It's very much comfort food. Do you get a chance to read much? I love the books I read in school. I loved Romeo and Juliet.

Brown: I don't have too much time. My friends try to push me into reading, but it's hard for me to focus through [an entire series]. I read the first Twilight, I read the first Harry Potter, but I didn't read any others.

I would love to read more, but I don't know if I just don't have the focus, or I use most of my time to try to rest.