2012 U.S. Championships news archive


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(01/21/2012) - Check below for the archive of all the news from the 2012 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Jan. 12
For Nagasu, it's all one long, strange ride

Jan. 13
Davis, White unruffled by Grand Prix Final kerfuffle

Jan. 18
Flatt looking to shake off poor Grand Prix season
Popular Evora and Ladwig have golden chance

Jan. 19
Chin ready to call the action in San Jose
Rippon gets by with a little help from his friend
Prankster Dornbush happy with new reputation
U.S. Champs begin this weekend in San Jose
Fantasy skating preview: U.S. Championships
Hughes, Weir, Navarro join ICE broadcast team

Jan. 22
Miller, MacMillan tango, waltz their way to lead
Chen wins short program, looks to stay perfect
Zippy Zhou rotates his way to novice men's lead
Liu and Perini 'boogie' to top of novice pairs heap
Dolensky edges Chen by 0.05 to win short

Jan. 23
Moore, Klaber jazz it up for novice ice dance win
Chen snags medal she can't refuse: novice gold
Zhou cuts down novice men's field in romp
Liu and Perini unleash potential in pairs victory
Gold dances 'Sugar Plum' as she envisioned, wins

Jan. 24
Colorado junior pairs face California challenge
Abbott brings good boots, solid quad to San Jose
Aldridge and Eaton own one-point lead after short
The Inside Edge: U.S. Championships week
Chen reels in gold, towers over junior men's field

Jan. 25
Eaton and Aldridge are lords of junior ice dance
The Inside Edge: Just another manic Tuesday
Denney and Frazier top Broadmoor trifecta in pairs
Gracie sets gold standard for U.S. junior ladies

Jan. 26
Nationals ultimate test for new dance teams
Rink notes: Marley, Brubaker 'different team now'
The Inside Edge: Serenades, lettuce and chicken
Marley and Brubaker are singin' in San Jose
Zawadzki powers her way to lead over Czisny

Jan. 27
Rink notes: Abbott mulls Chan's thrall over judges
Second to none: Classy Kwan goes into hall
Rink Notes: Gold's coach: 'Bring on the Russians'
The Inside Edge: Stylish Weir, beloved Kwan
Davis, White show off new moves, set record
Abbott beats record, homers with swinging short

Jan. 28
Davis and White waltz to fourth national dance title
The Inside Edge: The Kween and her court
Wagner talked the talk, now walks as U.S. champ

Jan. 29
Rink Notes: Road warrior Bradley happy to watch
Denney, Coughlin play musical pairs, win U.S. title
The Inside Edge: Signing off from San Jose
Triple crown! Abbott caps third U.S. title in landslide
U.S. names skaters to international competitions