Lacoste plans to soak up experience at worlds

Canadian bronze medalist wants to enjoy every moment

Canada's Amelie Lacoste is excited to compete at her first world championships.
Canada's Amelie Lacoste is excited to compete at her first world championships. (Getty Images)


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By Vladislav Luchianov, special to
(04/04/2011) - Canadian ladies bronze medalist Amélie Lacoste, who was originally selected as an alternate to the world team, will accompany Cynthia Phaneuf at the world championships in Moscow due to knee injury suffered by Canadian silver medalist Myriane Samson. Despite the unexpected news and little time for preparation, Lacoste feels ready and happy to represent her country in Russia.

Icenetwork: Amélie, what were your first emotions and thoughts after you found out that you were going to worlds?

Amélie Lacoste: When I learned I was going to worlds, I was in St. Julie with Julie Marcotte to choreograph my show program. Nathalie Martin, my coach, called me and told that Myriane was in pain, and they decided that she wasn't going to compete at worlds. I was sad for Myriane, but at the same time, I was really happy. I get a chance to compete at worlds! My goal this year was to make the world team. Although, we didn't know if the world championships was going to happen because of the terrible earthquake in Japan. We had to wait until the decision of ISU. Six days seemed like forever. But I was very confident that worlds was going to happen. I wish Myriane a quick recovery of her injury.

Icenetwork: How much will change your trainings in the coming days? On what things will you work the most?

Lacoste: After Four Continents, I went to Japan for a week with my boyfriend. Then I went back home, and I slowly started to train again. At that time we didn't know what was happening with Myriane's injury. Then when it was more official, I started to train fully again.

I did many off-ice trainings to be well prepared. We started to do run through two weeks ago. I also work a lot on parts of my program. I work a lot on my triple-triple combinations. These upcoming weeks will be more specific. I still have a three full weeks coming up. I feel ready, and I feel like a new season has just started again! Right now, we don't work on quantity but on quality.

Icenetwork: This is your first world championships. Will it serve as an additional motivation for you?

Lacoste: Of course these world championships will be a great motivation for my future. My goal this year was to make the world team. I want to go there and skate like I usually skate in practice. I'm not putting any pressure on myself for this last competition. It's like a second chance. I'll go there and enjoy every moment of it!

Icenetwork: This season you had some ups and downs. In your vision, what was the main problem?

Lacoste: The season started very well, with my first medal in international competitions (bronze at the Skate Canada). My last one, which was Four Continents, was my "not so good" competition of the year. Although, I had a great week of practices in Taipei, I wasn't able to do the same in the competition. I think I put too much pressure on myself. I just need to be confident and enjoy every opportunity.

Icenetwork: Did you change something in your programs since Four Continents Championships?

Lacoste: Yes, I did change couple of things in my programs. In my short program we changed to set up for my triple Lutz. And in my long program, I'll be doing another triple Lutz to instead of my triple flip.

Icenetwork: Do you have plans to participate in some ice shows before the world championships?

Lacoste: Yes, I have ice shows coming up: the next weekend and the weekend before I leave for the worlds. It's a great way to think about something else than competing and just enjoy skating without any pressure!

Icenetwork: Maybe you don't know it but one Canadian webhosting company has registered the domain especially for you as a gift. Maybe it's a right time to start using it for your official website?

Lacoste: Yes, I noticed about the website. Although, I don't really know how it works. But yes, it would be great having a website!

Icenetwork: Have you already set the goals for your Moscow performances?

Lacoste: My goals for the world championships are to go there with assurance, confidence, proud, and to enjoy every moment of this event. I always dreamed [of going] to the worlds. I want to be in top ten there, and I want to skate like I skate in practices. For my short program I want to skate clean with a triple loop-triple loop combination. And for my free skate program, I want to land clean five triples.