Suguri says she'll shoot for Sochi Olympics

30-year-old skater wants to keep on competing

Fumie Suguri is not ready to retire from competitive figure skating.
Fumie Suguri is not ready to retire from competitive figure skating. (Getty Images)


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By Vladislav Luchianov, special to
(03/10/2011) - Fumie Suguri has had an illustrious career.

She participated in two Olympics -- Salt Lake City 2002 and Torino 2006 -- competed in nine world championships and 16 Japanese championships, but that's not stopping her from setting her sights on Sochi. spoke with Suguri about her future plans.

icenetwork: During your long career you competed with such great skaters as Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Irina Slutskaya. What are your thoughts about this period?
Suguri: It is so sad that most of the skaters who I compete together are not here. But I can see them at the competitions because some of them become coach or judge and so on. It is weird though...

icenetwork: Japanese culture is famous for its own philosophy. Does that philosophy help support you during competitions?
Suguri: I never thought that way, but Japanese philosophy helps when I do choreography with my choreographer. My country is very sensitive in many things. I always care about small details. I always care about details, for example choreographic elements and the music. I always think about how they will combine in a program which I can skate from my heart. That's why many people say to me that my programs are different than other skaters.

icenetwork: Could you tell us about your plans for the future?
Suguri: First of all, I really want to go to worlds next year (she is the second alternate this year) and of course also to the next Olympics. My coach is Russian and I really respect Russian culture and history. I wish [that] I can go to Sochi.

icenetwork: Japan's skaters are very strong in singles. In your vision, what are the main reasons of that?
Suguri: I think Japanese work hard and also if one wants to go to the international competitions, you have to win, so the competition is very tough and that make us strong.

icenetwork: What do you draw your inspiration from? What motivates you to keep on going for so many years?
Suguri: As I said, I can continue until this time because so many people support me. I'm not satisfied about how I skated at competitions recently. I always want to show good quality programs, but I didn't do that this yet.

icenetwork: Do you think you will ever work as a coach or choreographer?
Suguri: Maybe... I don't know yet, but I love figure skating and I want to help kids, so I have an interest.

icenetwork: What do you think about the importance of keeping the balance between skating technique and the artistry in a ladies skating?
Suguri: Ohhh. It is very difficult. I like an artistry part, but competition is a sport, and technique (most of them are jumps) has big points. But there is the way to have balance and I am searching for that.

icenetwork: Do you have your favorite element or combination?
Suguri: I like footwork, but unfortunately not jumps.

icenetwork: What is your general advice to young skaters?
Suguri: First of all, please love what you are doing. It is not only figure skating. Also don't forget that there are so many people which support you, so please, thank them a lot.