Rings and rinks: Quads, tweets and humidity

Behind the scenes at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver

Johnny Weir will headline Ice Theatre of New York's opening night on April 29 at Chelsea Piers.
Johnny Weir will headline Ice Theatre of New York's opening night on April 29 at Chelsea Piers. (Getty Images)


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By Linda Przygodski and Lynn Rutherford
(02/15/2010) -'s team on the ground in Vancouver, Linda Przygodski and Lynn Rutherford, pen all the tidbits from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

General Weir
Johnny Weir hasn't tried any quads in competition this year, but he's thinking about putting one in his free skate in Vancouver.

"The day before yesterday, I did a long program run-through at Trout Lake [practice rink], and Galina said, 'let's just try it and see how your legs are,' and boom a clean quad," he said.

"I took yesterday off, so my legs were too heavy get around one this morning, but I'm going to try it again tonight. What do I have to lose? I'm not one of the favorites for a medal."

We've known Johnny for years, but we never knew he was such a World War II buff. He's passing time here not by watching himself on Sundance's Be Good, Johnny Weir, but with a documentary on Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

"It's all about the behind-the-scenes deals; it's so interesting. They're all fighting against Hitler, and I think that's kind of applicable to the situation here. Everyone is at war."

So which one of the three does Weir most identify with?
As we crossed our fingers that he wouldn't say Stalin, he answered, "Oh, I'm Lady Gaga."

His left foot
Evan Lysacek was the only top man to do a full-out run-through of his short this morning, simulating competition conditions. He skated clean and left the ice in high spirits.

"I'm so happy skating here. I'm having fun, I'm well prepared, the elements feel secure, everything feels good," he said.

"My [left] foot it better today; it's dry outside. It gets sore when it's humid. It feels good."

Lysacek has been spending time with friends Apolo Anton Ohno, who just won his sixth Olympic medal, and Angela Ruggiero, a U.S. hockey player competing at her fourth Games.

"They're part of the group I'm hanging out with. It's inspiring, because they're both doing such great jobs. Now, they're like, 'It's your turn -- go!'"

The world champion didn't have time to watch any mogul or speed skating events last night; he was busy getting drug tested.

"I passed," he kidded. "You know, it's like when they swipe your credit card. Whew, it went through."

Lysacek believes in his chances for the podium, even if his foot doesn't permit him to train the quad.

"It's all about that night; like any sport, you can try to predict what will happen, but you don' know. It depends who's on fire. I think that's what is going to happen here. You prepare as best you can, and then you leave it in the hands of fate."

We're not sure what they will cook up on The Rachael Ray Show but Meryl and Charlie report the following:
Meryl Davis' favorite snack: Blueberries with yogurt and granola
Charlie White's favorite snack: Bananas

Our favorite skater tweets so far
I skate 29 of 30 in the Short Program. I too cant wait too "frolic" with @Meryl_Davis on this amazingly beautiful day!

@jeremyabbottpcf got a 'fortune cookie' w/out a fortune today...we decided the lack of a paper fortune just means: make your own luck!

I am so happy that @KathyGriffin remembered to wish me luck for the Olympic winter games, Good people are hard to find.

@Evan_Bates (this is a series of tweets)
Mr. DiFiore's 4th grade class wrote us some inspiring letters which are posted in our hallway. I'd like to share some highlights...

Two-parter: "Figure skating isn't my favorite sport, but it's cool. I'm more into football not that I'm saying skating is wimpy. Football has to do with tackling and running. Figure skating is hard too, but I dislike skating. Snowboarding is the coolest." Sincerely, Josh

"I always thought skating was girly until I saw some videos. Wow! You guys can skate. Even tho I'm not into that stuff. I'm into motocross."

Interesting morsels
Caydee Denney popped one of her triple toes in free skate practice, but she and Jeremy Barrett did land nice side-by-side triple toes.

The television peeps seemed to be a little confused on which FLAGS corresponded to which country at the end of Sunday night's pairs short program. Maybe Shen and Zhao are defecting to Canada so they can claim pairs gold for the home country?

Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin are leaving for Vancouver today (Monday). They tweeted that "we will be in for a lot of surprises." Guess that means they changed their original dance costume?

Patrick Chan says he's never felt better. "I'm not even thinking about any injury. The triple Axel is great, just another jump."

Lysacek's foot may feel better, but his neck is a bit sore. "I have a lot of head snaps in my program."

Not much interference at any of the men's practices. The closest thing to a collision came when Michal Brezina came too close to one of the big leg kicks in Lysacek's straight-line steps.

Tomas Verner said his poor showings at Skate America and Europeans were due to flu: "I was very sick, lost many pounds, I was weak, had no power. I couldn't get through the steps [in his Zorba short] fast, and they look crappy when they're not fast. Now I'm much stronger than before."

Jeremy Abbott continues to enjoy skating in the media-cast shadows of Lysacek and Weir. "They have high-profile personalities. In figure skating, I'm more the quiet type. I'm doing my own thing. I like that no one is talking to me; there's not as much pressure or expectations."

Daisuke Takahashi is happy with his form. "The quad is getting there and I'm putting it in my long."