The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew - Jan. 25

Presenting the 2010 U.S. Championships best-dressed list

Rockne Brubaker was the winner for "best hair" thanks to his curly 'do.
Rockne Brubaker was the winner for "best hair" thanks to his curly 'do. (Sarah S. Brannen)


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By Sarah S. Brannen and Drew Meekins, special to
(01/25/2010) - Big choke-up moment of the championships: A message from Tim McKernan and Lauren McKernan's father, an army colonel in Iraq with his unit. He filmed good luck wishes to Tim and his sister Lauren which were shown on the Jumbotron after Tim's senior original dance and Lauren's novice free dance.

"I didn't know my dad was going to do that," said Tim afterward. "I saw it before when they played it for my sister, and I was surprised when they played it again tonight. It was awesome to see."

Total Olympic champion sightings at the championships: Eight. Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano, gymnast Nastia Liukin, Sarah Hughes, who was inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame on Thursday, Dick Button, who showed up for the ladies competition, Carol Heiss Jenkins, Tenley Albright, who looked regal at the closing banquet, and Dorothy Hamill, here mentoring our new queen of the ice, Rachael Flatt.

The best-dressed list
And here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for: the 2010 Best-dressed list!

Before we get started, we can't resist talking about the senior men's costumes. We thought it was quite funny that all three top divos showed up with new digs for the free skate. Jeremy Abbott's fifth costume of the season was definitely an improvement from the last one, but to tell the truth, we actually liked his Skate Canada outfit the best. We asked Jeremy if we might see a new outfit in Vancouver, and he told us he was happy with the his costume number five, adding, "I like odd numbers better anyway!"

Evan Lysacek's third version was a beautiful shade of gray, and the subtle but interesting details were a nice touch. Oddly enough, Johnny Weir has had the least amount of new outfits. His do-over was also very stunning, in that Johnny Weir kind of way. Drew loves the fur! Sarah, however, is not a fan of it, or fur in general for that matter. But on with the list.


Second runner-up: Caroline Zhang, whose black short program dress shaded to a dark red to red on the skirt. We liked the feather silhouettes at the neckline; we liked her free skate dress too. First runner-up: Alissa Czisny. Her short program dress, in shades of plum and dark rust, had beautifully executed details on the bodice and cute dropped sleeves, and Drew loved her free skate dress. Winner: Sasha Cohen, for her smoky gray dress with a satin bandeau and stone-edged cut-outs around neck. The beautiful color sealed the deal on this award for us. We also liked the pretty rhinestone netting on her little dancer's bun too. Sasha designed the dress with Jan Longmire.

An odd year for the men, as we touched on earlier. Drew liked Brandon Mroz's Beethoven costume; Sarah was unconvinced. What would win for us would be a re-do of Jeremy's Skate Canada costume, which looked so fantastic on him and fit the music perfectly. It didn't look well-made, and he said it wasn't comfortable, but a new, more carefully sewn version would win this category running away.

Pair ladies
Laura Lepzinski and Caitlin Yankowskas in a tie. Both of these beautiful divas nailed it in both the short and long, and looked like dreams on the ice.

Pair team
Felicia Zhang and Taylor Toth's lovely royal blue free skate costumes by Stephanie Handler. There's something so nice about brunettes in royal blue.

Dance team
Runners-up: Shannon Wingle and Timothy McKernan, in Luanne Williams deep violet costumes, with black tights, riffing off the original Riverdance costumes. Love the tiara! And we're so glad Tim's not wearing his Jimmy McElroy costume. Winners: Madison Hubbell and Keiffer Hubbell, for their edgy bark-colored free dance costumes for their rock program; we liked the patterns of little stitched eyelets.

Props as well to perennial fave Charlie White for his long gold Indian original dance coat. It must have been interesting learning to move in that, and he wore it very well.

Most Improved
Ryan Bradley, whose short program costume looked stupendous on him on the ice. If you looked at it closely, you might question this choice, but during the program it gave Ryan an elegance we hadn't seen previously. After last year's Happy Birthday cartoon outfit, we were very impressed.


Before we start, we have been amused at the number of people who have been lobbying us to be on this list! We keep getting texts, emails, tweets, etc., from people nominating themselves and others, and we love it!

Best-dressed coach
Second runner-up goes to Ben Miller, who was rocking vintage Yves Saint Laurent, and doing it well. But the winner is Jim Peterson, in a Banana Republic suit with an Express for Men shirt in an ab-fab shade of teal, and tie. He apologized for being boring, but, like our First Lady in J. Crew, Jim proved that it's possible to look elegant without going to the big-name designers.

Honorable mention goes to Dalilah Sappenfield, who is looking good and feeling gorgeous, in well, anything, since losing well over 100 pounds since last season!

Best-dressed skater off the ice
Lepzinski proves to be a double threat, taking the off-ice title as well.

Best-dressed U.S. Figure Skating Official
Brittany Bottoms who is ALWAYS classy and chic, and was seen wearing a St. John dress, with Chanel and David Yurman accessories. Judge Shawn Rettstatt was divine in a black-on-black suit, with a black and gold silk scarf. Doug Williams also gets a nod, for his fantastic gray knit overcoat. Well done!

Best shoes
Fabulous shoes seemed to come few and far between this year. We attribute it to the recession-ista movement. Johnny Weir did of course impress, in pointy gray boots, among several others.

Best jewelry's Linda Przygodski's 2.9-carat princess-cut Harry Winston engagement ring. We would say "I do" as well for that rock!

Best hair, men, the "Charlie White Award"
We had to retire Charlie from eligibility or he simply would have won every year. We were going to give this to Adam Rippon but then Rockne Brubaker showed up with his tousled Jim Morrison mane, and the dark curls won over the blond.

Best hair, ladies
A lifetime achievement award to Tanith Belbin, whose hair is always, always, stunning.

Best pajamas
Cohen on Saturday night, eating Oreos, wearing a very cute pink and gold nightshirt that said "No autographs, please."

Congrats to all the winners!

We've landed safely in Colorado and Boston, and we are finally winding down from our three-month stay in Spokane. As always, we had a fabulous time, and we have now begun to suffer from the very common "post-nationals depression." Thanks for reading, and thanks to U.S. Figure Skating, and the city of Spokane for making everything work so well. And on that note, we're out!

Sarah and Drew