Delobel gives birth to baby boy

World ice dance champion names son Lois

Isabelle Delobel and partner Olivier Schoenfelder plan to resume training for the Olympics as soon as Delobel is up to it.
Isabelle Delobel and partner Olivier Schoenfelder plan to resume training for the Olympics as soon as Delobel is up to it. (Getty Images)


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By Linda Przygodski
(10/02/2009) - 2008 world ice dance champion Isabelle Delobel gave birth to a baby boy Thursday evening. Delobel, and husband Ludovic Roux, named the child Lois.

Both mother and baby are reported to be doing well.

With just four months until the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Delobel plans to begin training again with partner Olivier Schoenfelder as soon as possible.

Delobel trained until she was seven-and-a-half months pregnant, and then took some time off in the Alps. During their training in the summer, the 2008 Grand Prix Final champions readied and perfected their programs for this season. For the last two months, Schoenfelder has been training by himself.

"Isabelle's pregnancy went really well, and this is quite a chance," commented Schoenfelder earlier this summer. "She did not gain much weight, and after she stopped training, she went to the Alps, [with Roux, a skiing coach] and I know she was really careful there."

The ice dance powerhouse had many interruptions in her training. After winning all three of their Grand Prix assignments and the Grand Prix Final in 2008, Delobel injured her shoulder during the gala exhibition at the GP Final. She had to undergo a lengthy operation and a six-week rehabilitation process forcing them to withdraw from the rest of the season -- missing both the European and world championships.

Just as her shoulder began to heal and Delobel resumed training, she learned of her pregnancy.

"However unexpected the news came," said Delobel in an interview with in April. "I can assure you that I never thought this would force me to stop skating. You know, those pregnant woman's wishes ... They are just like the will for a special victory."

According to family sources, the delivery process went smoothly. In order to prevent lengthy rehabilitation, Delobel elected to wait for the delivery to take place naturally, she could hence resume skating after a few days of rest.

This season will be Delobel and Schoenfelder's 20th season competing together.

"Skating together for so long should help them for sure", their coach Muriel Boucher Zazoui commented.

Jean-Christophe Berlot contributed to this story