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U.S. Figure Skating honors Hershbergers with fund


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(05/11/2009) - COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - U.S. Figure Skating announced at the recently concluded Governing Council meeting in Buffalo, N.Y., that a permanent endowed fund has been set up in honor of outgoing president Ron Hershberger and his wife, Gayle.

The Ron & Gayle Hershberger Fund for Athlete Support is the result of dozens of gifts made in tribute to the invaluable work performed by Ron Hershberger during this term as president of U.S. Figure Skating and in honor of Gayle's unyielding support of her husband. The Hershbergers will determine exactly how the fund will benefit U.S. Figure Skating athletes and will work with U.S. Figure Skating development staff to establish specific grant application guidelines for publication.

"Those who have worked with Ron, been mentored by him and whose lives have been touched by Ron and Gayle thought it best that a permanent reminder of their selfless dedication to the sport of figure skating be established," said David Raith, executive director of U.S. Figure Skating.

Ron Hershberger has been on the U.S. Figure Skating Board of Directors for 19 of the last 20 years. He has served on numerous committees, was the chair of the Ethics Committee from 1996-99, was secretary of U.S. Figure Skating from 1992-95 and again from 1999-2002, and was the organization's vice president from 2002-05. Hershberger served as the chair of the local organizing committee for the 1992 World Figure Skating Championships in Oakland, Calif., and also worked as a sectional announcer.

Ron and Gayle Hershberger reside in Palo Alto, Calif., and Ron is of counsel with the Thoits, Love, Hershberger and McLean law firm in Palo Alto. The Hershbergers have two daughters, Alison and Rhonda, and two grandchildren, Trevor and Makena.

Gifts to The Ron & Gayle Hershberger Fund can be made by sending a check made payable to "U.S. Figure Skating," with "Hershberger Fund" in the memo section, or online by visiting