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Halloween at Skate Canada; knitting skeleton

Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre.
Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre. (Getty Images)


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By by Kim Navarro, special to
(11/02/2008) - Boo!

Yesterday we celebrated Halloween here at Skate Canada. It was quite embarrassing -- we had all decided to go as figure skaters. More than that, all the ice dancers dressed as capes and matadors. Imagine our luck! I really wanted team leader John Cole to dress up as a bull, but I am sure that is against certain team leader rules.

While competing, it is easy to forget all the other things that may be going on, such as holidays. That is why I was particularly happy to see some spectators dressed up yesterday.

My two favorites were a kitty cat who was cheering in the stands and an orange skeleton (mask and all) who sat knitting. The orange knitting skeleton was especially funny to me because he or she was the most harmless skeleton I have ever encountered, this including any small children dressed as skeletons. Something about the knitting did not make me take any of the spookiness seriously. And to be clear, that made me happy as I have nerves enough at competitions. So, thank you neon orange I-am-just-minding-my-own-business-knitting skeleton.

Although these costumes were excellent, I am afraid that the skaters would have won if there had been a costume contest. I know it is just the beginning of the season and both programs and outfits are still in the developing stages, but everyone looked well polished.

I am pretty confident that we would have swept up had we gone out trick-or-treating.