Police investigating Grishuk drug claim

Skater says she was slipped roofies at St. Regis Hotel

Oksana "Pasha" Grishuk.
Oksana "Pasha" Grishuk. (courtesy of Oksana Grishuk)


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By Linda Przygodski
(04/22/2008) - is reporting the alleged drugging of ice dancer Pasha (Oksana) Grishuk. With partner Evgeni Platov, she won two Olympic gold medals, four world championships, and 22 consecutive competitions.

The police report states that Grishuk was at the St. Regis Hotel in Orange County, Calif., for a business meeting on April 12. The decorated ice dancer ordered a glass of red wine that she later left unattended. Reportedly, Grishuk noticed some foreign material in her glass and called the police.

Police statements concur that Grishuk was taken to the hospital by paramedics after feeling nauseous and numb from drinking about a third of the glass of wine.

Jim Amormino, a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriffs Dept. told, "The incident is under investigation, and we are waiting for toxicology reports to come back."

The drink is suspected of being laced with GHB -- also known as Rohypnol or Roofies -- the most common date rape drug.

A spokesperson from the OC Sheriffs Dept. declined's request for an interview, stating simply that "the legitimacy of the claim remained under investigation."

For the last several years, Grishuk has run an Olympic Skating Academy for all ages and interests, teaching skating, choreography, ballet, modern jazz in the Los Angeles and Orange County greater metro areas. She is also raising a six-year-old daughter, Skyler.

In 2006, Grishuk was reunited with her former partner, Platov, who is now a coach in New Jersey. The two performed together on Russia's top-rated Skating with the Stars reality TV show and also graced several large galas.

A phone call to Grishuk was not immediately returned.