Around the world of figure skating - Feb. 25

Pairs national champion Rockne Brubaker talked to students from his old school in Algonquin, Ill.
Pairs national champion Rockne Brubaker talked to students from his old school in Algonquin, Ill. (Paul Harvath)


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(02/25/2008) - Around the world of figure skating has everything from a national champion returning to his roots to Disney's new hit on ice and an obscure sport migrating from Europe this week.

Brubaker returns home to inspire kids

Students at the Westfield Community School in Algonquin, Ill., got a treat when Rockne Brubaker came back to town. The pairs national champion spoke to the kids at his old school and told them that they could get to where he is with a lot of love and hard work. More >

High School Musical lands on ice

Disney's highly successful High School Musical has already led to a television sequel and a feature film that's currently in pre-production. Now, it's hitting the ice.

High School Musical: The Ice Tour follows Troy and Gabriella, played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, respectively, in the original, as they buck peer pressure to star in their high school's musical production. More >

Dancing on Ice gets a pop star

Gareth Gates was the runner-up on the talent show, Pop Idol. Now, he wants to take a crack at more reality television -- this time on the ice. Gates is putting his music career on hold as he prepares for an appearance on Dancing on Ice. More >

California provides majestic rinks

If you're headed to northern California, and you don't want to ski, there are plenty of dramatic ice rinks for you to check out.

You can choose from the Olympic Ice Pavilion in Squaw Valley, which looks out over Lake Tahoe; the Yosemite Outdoor Ice Rink with Half Dome looming overhead; or the Siskiyou Outdoor Ice Rink at the base of 14,162-foot Mount Shasta. More >

Figure skating parents let their son loose

Seventeen-year-old Anton Yelchin has been doing things his own way his whole life, and his parents, figure skating legends Victor and Irina Yelchin, can't do anything about it.

Despite his parents trying to get him to skate when he was young, Yelchin, the star of the upcoming teen comedy Charlie Bartlett, has dreamed of acting on screen his whole life, rather than performing on ice. More >

Get out and skate while you still can

Park staff in Madison, Wisc., urged the city's inhabitants to get out and skate at some of the city's outdoor rinks last weekend, while they were still open. Despite the low temperatures, the increasing daylight hours make it harder and harder for the rinks to stay open, so get out your blades now if you haven't done so yet this year. More >

Special Olympians vie for trips to Idaho

More than 340 athletes will converge on Johnstown, Pa., for the start of the Pennsylvania Special Olympics' Winter Games. Figure skating is one of the events, and participants will be fighting for berths into the Special Olympics World Winter Games on Feb. 6-13, 2009, in Boise, Idaho. More >

Skaters come out for party in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The annual Buhrrr Fest at Ann Arbor's Buhr Park saw a healthy stream of skaters take the ice, mostly thanks to the warmer-than-usual temperatures. More >

Topless skaters in Turkey

A few male skaters, led by coach Eren Ilter, hit the ice bare-chested last week on a frozen pool in one of Erzurum's crowded squares. Ilter was trying gain attention from the stunt, and he was successful. Passersby couldn't help but notice the topless men skating in the freezing cold. More >

Cross-country skating: An obscure pursuit

Jamie Hess of Norwich, Vt., has brought his favorite sport, Nordic skating, from Sweden back to the United States. In Europe, skaters like to brag about crashing through the ice, clawing back out and continuing on their trek. Here in America, Hess is the main reason for boosting its popularity, thanks to his workshops, tours and Nordic Skater shop. More >