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Performances, drug testing and wonderful company on a special day

Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre perform in Korea.
Kimberly Navarro and Brent Bommentre perform in Korea. (Getty Images)


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By Kimberly Navarro, special to
(02/14/2008) - Happy Valentine's Day! And what a Valentine's Day it has been. Today we completed our original dances, the pairs skaters did their long programs, and the ladies skated their short programs. It was not your typical Valentine's Day celebration.

I did see that Jennifer and Daniel had exchanged Valentine's gifts and I know that Robbie Kaine's wife Valerie snuck a Valentine's card into his luggage. Also, quite a few of us witnessed the female dancer from Uzbekistan receive what seemed to be hundreds of beautiful flowers from her boyfriend, who sent them from far-away New Jersey.

I had to laugh when I saw Johnny Baldwin waiting in the hallway for partner and fiancée Rena Inoue to finish getting drug tested. For anyone who can imagine all the unglamorous things that go into the post-competition drug test, you know that this process is far from romantic. That is, unless you were planning on giving the gift of a "sample" to your significant other.

My Valentine's Day just concluded at the hotel's Italian restaurant. I know, Italian food in Korea sounds a little crazy, but the food is quite delicious. Not only was the food excellent, but I also got to eat in good company. Besides my table, which included Brent and Robbie, the other skaters in the restaurant were Johnny, Rena, Meryl Davis, and Evan Lysaceck. What a random and romantic little scene, made all the better by the Christmas tablecloths that covered each table.