Kim Navarro's inside look at the Four C's

In search of ice

Kim Navarro's partner, Brent Bommentre, enjoys the detour on the way to the rink.
Kim Navarro's partner, Brent Bommentre, enjoys the detour on the way to the rink. (Kimberly Navarro)


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By Kimberly Navarro, special to
(02/12/2008) - My dream to do an off-ice show was almost realized!

Yesterday was our first practice and, therefore, our first bus ride. Turns out it must have been the first ride to the rink for the driver too. Instead of taking us to the arena, we were dropped off at the "Harmony Theater." There, someone who looked very official ushered us in and up to the second floor, where an absolutely beautiful theater awaited us. So there we were -- a bus load of skaters, coaches, and officials -- standing on a theater floor, looking out onto rows of marvelous red seats and wondering where the ice was (so maybe I was first wondering where Stephen [Carriere] and a copy of "SexyBack" was, but I became concerned quickly thereafter).

I looked to Scottie Bibb for some guidance, figuring she should know something based on the fact that she works at headquarters, but she appeared to be just as confused and amused as the rest of us.

I don't know who led us out the doors and down a windy path and then up and into the arena, but I am pretty sure it was another skater going off instinct. Once in the rink, finding the ice was surprisingly difficult. Brent [Bommentre] thought he had it for a moment when he saw a door marked "Ice Rink." My pride in his detective skills quickly vanished as he opened the door to a tiny little room that had zero ice.

Oddly, it was the familiar tune of the Yankee Polka that finally guided Jennifer [Wester], Daniil [Barantsev], Brent, and I to the ice. I never thought I would be so happy to hear that compulsory dance music!