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Report from The Collins Family Party

U.S Teams Coordinator Julie Schmitz, International Committee chair Lorrie Parker, with former competitors Amber Corwin and Angela Nikodinov.
U.S Teams Coordinator Julie Schmitz, International Committee chair Lorrie Parker, with former competitors Amber Corwin and Angela Nikodinov. (Sarah Brannen)


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By Sarah Brannen and Drew Meekins
(01/26/2008) - Sarah and Drew are a little remiss on their blog duties today -- but that's OK -- because our two bloggers were out partying last night at The Collins Family Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. They don't look too worse for wear, in fact, Drew looks quite dashing today; as does Sarah.

Now let's get down to the dish!

Who are you wearing?

It would take too long to list the well-dressed attendees at the Collins Family party; just assume that everyone was there! Well, apart from the senior pair skaters, who had early practice before their competition in the morning, and the senior ladies, who were presumably getting beauty sleep.

We asked everyone who they were wearing, and the responses ranged from a haughty "Dior" from Evan Lysacek, to "Um.... I don't know... you can check the label if you want!" from Charlie White.

Guests arrived on a full-blown red carpet with photographers and TV cameras. It was good to see some stars from the past, like Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner, Brian Boitano, Debi Thomas, Paul Wylie and, of course, Dick Button and Scott Hamilton, as well as hordes of current competitors.

A Little Wager

Newly-crowned pairs national champions Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker have a little bet with their coach, Dalilah Sappenfield. If they go to the 2010 Olympics and finish in the top six, Sappenfield has promised to shave her head.

And what if they don't finish in the top six? Will they have to do the same? "No," said Rockne. "It was a one-sided offer, and we took it!"

Stay tuned...

Angels and ELFFs

By the time the senior men started their short program warm-up on Friday, the arena was swarming with Johnny's Angels and Evan's ELFFs (that's short for Evan Lysacek Fan Forum, in case you hadn't heard). We had secretly hoped that they might have a rumble on the concourse, a West Side Story-style number. The ELFFs would be dressed all in black, naturally, with the Angels wielding Bedazzlers and flinging rhinestones. OK, we're kidding. They actually turn out to be well-behaved and civilized skating fans.

A big group of Angels met for lunch at a nearby restaurant and shared special swan-shaped chocolates in honor of Johnny's legendary Swan program. The ELFFs are planning a meeting on Sunday morning at the Friends of U.S. Figure Skating breakfast. Mary, the founder of the ELFFs, says she just hopes everyone skates their best, particularly Evan, of course. "I'm in his corner, whatever happens. He's my man!"

Mary claimed not to be nervous, although she said she was shaking as she watched Evan practice.

Kristina Ziegler, the Archangel, wears a big Johnny button and will be sitting in a front-row seat tomorrow as the ELFFs and Angels cheer on their favorite men.