Around the world of figure skating - Dec. 25

New novice men's champion Joshua Farris looks up to skating legend Brian Boitano.
New novice men's champion Joshua Farris looks up to skating legend Brian Boitano. (Getty Images)


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(12/25/2007) - Amazing stoires

Senior citizen Lillian Anderson has quite a story to tell. In 1940, she took two figure skating lessons from Bob Linden, a talent scout for Sonja Henie's Ice Show, when they sent her to New York to appear in It Happens on Ice. That turned into a thriving career in the Ice Capades. More >

Ballet on Ice

The champion skaters of the St. Petersburg State Ballet on Ice do an abridged version of Sleeping Beauty that is all axels and camels to the ballet's jetés and pirouettes.

It's ballet from the waist up and figure skating from the waist down. More >

My Hot Ice

Well, this seems interesting.

Olympic champion ice dancer Roman Kostomarov, and ex-girlfriend Yekaterina Guseva are starring in a dramtic "figure skating" themed drama series aptly named My Hot Ice. The show begins airing on European television in January. The series will also have guest appearance by Alexei Yagudin, the 2002 Olympic champion, and Alexei Tikhonov, who won the World Championship in 2000. The series' creative producer is Ilya Averbukh, the silver medalist at the 2002 Olympics. More >

What do we thing of this opinion?

From the mind of Phil Hersh: "Promoting the sport and helping build a skater's confidence are not part of my job, even if I really enjoy figure skating (why else would I have been covering it for 27 years?) and am saddened to see the sport in what seems to be an irreversible slide because of a dearth of talent. Too many skating fans still want the athletes to be treated like porcelain figurines rather than as athletes open to both criticism and praise." More >

2010 Olympic Schedule

Fifty drafts later, the Olympic Committee has released the competition schedule for the 2010 Vancouver winter games. A figure skating exhibition will cap the week of competition on Saturday evening, February 27th. While men's hockey will be the closing evnet of the games. More >

Up close with Brian Boitano

Entertainment Weekly sat down with figure skating icon Brian Boitano, to chat about skating, Barry Manilow and South Park. More >

Balancing high school and skating

Palo Alto High School freshman, Elizabeth Rivelli spends 2 1/2 hours a day, six days a week, on ice. Skating both recreationally and competitively, Rivelli has dedicated most of her life to the sport. Rivelli competes in four or five competitions a year, typically bringing home a gold medal in more than half of them. "Strict schedules and rigorous training are needed for this competitive sport," Rivelli said. More >

German skaters off to good start

Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi are making quite a splash in the world of German ice dancing. Third in Germany in senior dance during their first season in 2006, the couple took the gold in 2007 and went on to Europeans and Worlds, where they finished 16th and 18th respectively. More >