'Kalinka' wins junior original dance at Easterns

Dance proves to be a winner for Cannuscio-Copely

Dean Copley and Anastasia Cannuscio.
Dean Copley and Anastasia Cannuscio. (Paul Tortland)


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By Lynn Rutherford, special to
(11/17/2007) - This season's folk/country original dances have been hits with skating audiences, and the fun-filled programs at Friday's 2008 Eastern Sectional junior competition were no exception.

In the end, a lively "Kalinka" proved a winner for Anastasia Cannuscio (University of Delaware FSC) and Dean Copely (SC of New York), who edged out a victory with 47.77 points, outpacing the field by just .33.

"It went really well; we tried to have a good time with it, and I guess that showed," Copely said.

Skating to the familiar Russian folk music, the couple showed four level-four elements, including a twizzle sequence (-.13 GOE); a straight-line lift; a spin (+.25 GOE); and, best of the bunch, an exciting closing rotational lift (+.75 GOE).

"All of the elements were okay," Copely said. "I thought the [rotational] lift had a lot of speed, and kept up with the music. The only thing that was really lacking a bit was [overall] speed, so we'll have to work on that."

Cannuscio and Copely climbed from third place after the compulsory dance to second overall with 75.70 points.

Sara Bailey (Charter Oak FSC) and Kyle Herring (University of Delaware FSC) were close behind in the original with 47.44 points, but remain first overall with 77.40.

The couple's lively "Zorba the Greek" program included level-four twizzles that were a bit out of unison (-.50 GOE), as well as a fine level four combination spin (+.13 GOE) and curve lift (+.38 GOE). Their level two rotational lift, with Bailey in a full side split, moved well with the speedy climax of the music.

"It was pretty good," Bailey said. "We've made huge changes in it since [debuting it] at the Lake Placid competition this summer. Nothing is the same."

Bailey added that a few elements could have been better.

"There were one or two stumbles," she said. "Right before the (rotational) lift, we kind of hit each other, and I'm amazed how fast Kyle was able to get the lift up."

Lili Lamar (Broadmoor SC) and Zachary Donohue (Hickory Hill FSC) took third place in the original dance with a spirited gypsy folk dance.

Lamar hit a gorgeous upside-down position in their level four straight-line lift (+.75 GOE), and their level four rotational lift had strength and speed (+.38 GOE)

The couple earned 45.59 points, although their relatively low compulsory score kept them in fifth place overall.

Pilar Bosley (Peninsula SC) and John Corona (Philadelphia SC & HS) overcame a scary fall in the warm-up to take fourth place in the original dance.

Their creative Turkish program, with Bosley wearing a veil, suffered a bit from a weak spin that gained only level one (-.75 GOE), as well as lack of unison on their level three twizzles. However, they recovered well to close the program with a lovely, level four rotational lift (+.38 GOE).

"We just flew into the wall; I smacked my hip, and he smacked his knee," Bosley said. "We were just stroking, not even practicing an element, so it was a freak thing.

"We had to skate first [after the warm-up] and we really didn't get to warm-up properly. It wasn't our best skate, but that's okay; we'll do better in the free dance."

Bosley and Corona are third overall with 74.64 points.

Isabella Cannuscio (University of Delaware FSC) and Ian Lorello (University of Delaware FSC) placed fifth with an entertaining African folk dance. They earned 45.20 points for the segment; when added to their compulsory dance total, it gave them 72.90 points total and fourth place.