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Novice men's short goes swimmingly for Lake

Dallas skaters go 1-2 in novice ladies short; Goldstein, Bearinger lead pairs
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Max Lake distanced himself from the pack in the novice men's short program. -Jay Adeff

Jessica Lin, Max Lake and the pairs team of Isabelle Goldstein and Keyton Bearinger took the lead in their respective disciplines on the first day of competiton at the 2017 Novice & Junior Challenge Skate in Salt Lake City.

Novice Ladies

Representing Dallas FSC, Lin earned 47.16 points for her program, which was powered by a triple toe-triple toe combination and two Level 4 spins.

"It went OK," Lin said. "I was very nervous at first, but after I landed [my combination], I calmed down, even though it wasn't perfect. I haven't been landing my triple-triple in practice, so I was proud that I landed that."

When asked what she hoped to accomplish in Friday's free skate, Lin responded, "I want to get Level 4 spins, and I'd really like to do a clean program."

Stephanie Ciarochi, a club mate of Lin's, sits in second place after scoring 45.71 points. Ciarochi's performance included a triple lutz-triple toe and a pair of Level 3 spins.

"Tomorrow, I need to forget about how I did today and just focus on the moment," Ciarochi said.

Emilia Murdock (SC of Boston) is third with 45.00 points.

Novice Men

Lake (All Year FSC) is ahead of the pack after earning 50.78 points in the short.

"This is a lower score than my bests, but I felt really confident and strong out there," Lake said. "I'm hoping to build on this moving forward."

Lake landed a triple toe-triple toe combination to open his program, and added on a triple lutz and Level 4 spin later on.

Goku Endo (Los Angeles FSC) scored 44.02 points, good for second place. He landed all three of his jump elements but earned negative Grades of Execution on two of them.

"I'm not really happy with how I skated," Endo said. "I could have done better today. I really want to land my jumps with nice landings tomorrow."

Lucas Altieri (Panthers FSC) is in third place with 43.52 points, while Daniel Argueta (Texas Gulf Coast FSC) is in fourth with 37.51.


Goldstein and Bearinger (Detroit SC) are in first place after scoring 38.34 points for their "True Colors" short program.

"It went pretty well," Goldstein said. "Over the season, we've been focusing on emoting and growing together as a team. That performance showed how much we have improved."

Goldstein and Bearinger earned a Level 3 for their lift and landed their throw double loop.

Following closely behind are Hilary Asher and Nathan Dennler (Lone Star FSC/Colonial FSC), who earned 37.23 points. Skating to "Clap Your Hands," the pair was propelled by a Level 4 lift and an opening double twist.

Georgia Bush and Timmy Chapman are third with 32.33 points.