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'SOI' performers to heat up the ice in Sun Valley

Navarro reveals behind-the-scenes hijinks involving soon-to-be guest stars
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KIm Navarro will be reunited with many of her fellow 'Stars on Ice' cast members, like Charlie White, in Sun Valley this summer. -courtesy of Kim Navarro

Itʼs always weird to go from one ice show to another when you are working with a different cast. You feel like youʼre cheating. You make really close bonds, have inside jokes and become "family" with one group of skaters for a certain period of time, just to leave and do the same thing with a whole different group of skaters. Thatʼs where I found myself as Sun Valley On Ice rehearsals began this month -- cheating on my Stars On Ice cast from last month.

Lucky for me, a lot of those SOI skaters will be joining us as guest stars for this summerʼs Sun Valley On Ice. My most recent family and my current one will come together, under the stars, on the outdoor rink in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Two of my SOI favorites (I have a lot), Gracie Gold and Jason Brown, will join us for our special Fourth of July show. Gracie won me over pretty quickly during the tour with some cookies that she and her "friend" had made. Not only were the cookies extremely delicious but said "friend" turned out to be Taylor Swift. Delicious cookies made by Gracie Gold and Taylor Swift -- donʼt mind if I do, thank you. As the adorable Jason Brown would say (and did say many a time), "Amazing!"

The first Saturday night show will guest star Ryan Bradley, who is also a weekly Sun Valley On Ice cast member, and the second will star Mirai Nagasu, both of whom were central figures in one of my favorite SOI moments. We had been playing a game where we had to shoot each other with squirt guns, and in the end Ryan shot Mirai for the win (which I always found curious -- the one who proposed to play the game is the one who won). Well, Mirai wasnʼt going to let Ryan have the last laugh; she decided that honor should go to all the girls. She brought us out to the ice during the show, in the middle of the boys number. With all of us girls armed with our squirt guns, we shot Ryan in the face for what felt like a good couple of minutes. Proud moment for the girls of SOI.

Alissa Cziny and Joshua Farris will also be headlining Sun Valley On Ice. These two are more of my favorites; Alissa could be one of the sweetest people in the world, and Josh, well, I have a not-so-secret crush on him. My affection began during rehearsals, when Renée Roca told us to meet in the locker room for a "pow-wow." Josh turned to me and asked, "Whatʼs a pow wow? Is that like a party?" and it grew from there.

Other SOI cast members to join us this summer in Sun Valley will be the talented Ashley Wagner and the wonderful Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Both Ashley and Meryl were still in skates and costumes when we shot Ryan with our squirt guns in that fateful show, and for that they will always have my full respect and admiration.

Oh yes, I failed to mention that outside of all these things I truly love about these people, they are also really good at ice skating. And when they arenʼt showing off their talents on the ice at the Sun Valley Resort, guest stars like Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, Nathan Chen, and Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay will be. This is, of course, in addition to the already talented core cast of Sun Valley On Ice.

I guess what I am saying is that my Sun Valley On Ice family is a pretty excellent one.

Uh oh, I think I am starting to like this cheating thing.

For more information, visit the Sun Valley ice shows website.