Japanese Figure Skating

Figure skating in Japan is governed by the Japanese Skating Federation, which is a member of the International Skating Union (ISU). The organization oversees speed skating and enforces regulations and promotes interest in the sports under its control.

Recent News

03/27/2010 Asada wrests world title away from Kim

Mao Asada finally bested Yu-Na Kim to earn her second world title.

03/26/2010 Takahashi wins men's title; Virtue, Moir lead

Daisuke Takahashi won his first world title.

02/02/2010 Ando rounds into top form for Vancouver

Miki Ando and her coach believe she has a legitimate shot at gold in Vancouver.

02/21/2010 Asada's hopes hinge on triple Axel

Mao Asada is sticking with the plan.

01/29/2010 Asada rebounds from disappointment to win gold

Japanese star Mao Asada came back from a disappointing start of the season to win the gold at the Four Continents Championships.

10/24/2009 Ando climbs the standings to win gold

There was major shifting in the ladies standings on Saturday, and when the dust cleared, Miki Ando was on top.

10/05/2009 Oda enters Olympic year with strong programs

Nobunari Oda thinks he's got this whole competitive thing nailed down,

09/28/2009 Ando sports new look, relaxed attitude

It's early days, but Miki Ando is getting ready for her Olympic close-up.